Hi Goddesses

I’m Sue Dyson. I am a Creative Goddess on a mission to dismantle Goddess Alienation. I spent years disconnected from my true Goddess self. Truthfully, most of us do. We grow up in a world that tells us how and who to be. What to think, how to act, how to decide. Sometimes, if we’re lucky, we find that path no longer works for us. If it ever did.

It’s not easy to unlearn those entrenched habits, but it’s possible. With support.

I want for you what I’ve wanted for myself for a long time. To live in alignment with my natural Goddess-given qualities. You know the ones – where we love without condition. Where we listen and take into consideration other people’s points of view. Where we take care of each other.

I’m a Canadian mom of three grown kids. I do my best to be a present and loving Nana to my grand kids. I am owned by a Corgi.