Here’s What I Wish We All Knew…


There is great strength to be found in our vulnerabilities.

We are better together.

Collaboration is better than isolation.

We have everything we need within us.

We have untapped potential waiting for connection.

The world IS working FOR you.

Perceptions that no longer work for us (if they ever did), can be shifted to ones that are in alignment with our natural Goddess self.

Women can earn a good living doing what they love.

Women can support their families and stay in alignment with their Goddess qualities.

Goddess Alienation

When I lived a life disconnected from Goddess energy, I was constantly exhausted. I woke up very reluctantly to go to a job that was not fulfilling. I was a hamster in a big, dysfunctional wheel. My government job involved inspecting care facilities and investigating complaints of people being abusive and neglectful of vulnerable persons in care. Five days a week. All the while, I craved freedom from the “nine-to-five” and a deep, soulful desire to be able to creatively express myself.

I was doing one thing and longed to be doing another thing. I was not living in alignment with Goddess qualities of love, nurturing, caring, connection, collaboration, creativity, receptivity. I was not taking time to connect with the Divine Goddess. I knew she was right there, waiting for me to open and invite her in. She was patiently waiting for the ask. Ready and willing to assist me with my challenges.

But I never asked.

Sounds fun, huh?

I was not living in alignment with my authentic self and that’s what was so exhausting. It wasn’t the work.

It was my misdirected commitment to something bigger than me that did not serve me.

We are in the midst of a major planetary energetic shift. Patriarchy is crumbling. The systems created within the patriarchy are no longer serving us. Women are waking up. Enlightened men are waking up. Patriarchy is a goddess-denying culture. It diminishes the importance and value of Goddess qualities of openness, receptivity, love, nurturing, caring, collaboration, sharing, up-lifting.

I’ve named this villain, Goddess Alienation.

I oppose Goddess Alienation.

Goddess Alienation Looks Like…

Beliefs that do not serve our Goddess self.

The way we are conditioned, at a very young age, to cut ourselves off from the collaborative guidance of the Goddess Energy.

What’s Getting In Our Way…

Believing we are powerless to create real change of value.

Believing our held beliefs are concrete and unchangeable.

Thinking we are disloyal to family when we decide a hereditary belief does not work for us, if it ever did, and has to go.

Fear of love being withdrawn.

Fear of the unknown, what and who I am without the belief.

Thinking we won’t have support for choosing a Goddess-connected life.

Fear of upsetting the apple cart of our family dynamics.

Fear of sticking out, attracting unwanted attention.

A lack of trusting our own agency.

Standing Up to a Goddess-Denying Culture

We can learn to adjust our internal compass and act from a place of integrity where we know for ourselves that our Goddess qualities are of value and have a great deal to offer the world.

And dismantling Goddess Alienation is an on-going practice. This Goddess-denying culture shows up as:

people pleasing

allowing others to think and act like they know what is best for us

not using our voices

remaining small

Here’s What I Want You To Know

Connecting with Goddess Energy will give you greater confidence. You’ll know you are supported. No matter what. There is Divine energy, all around each and every one of us, just waiting for us to ask for help.

Connecting with Goddess Energy will enable you to make an impact in your world while remaining collaborative, open, receptive and STRONG. There is such strength in Goddess Energy. We don’t have to act masculine to make a difference in the world. In fact, continuing to do so leaves the collective at a greater disadvantage.

Hi. I’m Sue Dyson. I am a Creative Goddess on a mission to dismantle Goddess Alienation. Here’s the challenge: there’s a tension between how we are currently operating in the patriarchal culture and how it’s really not serving us any longer, and this new way of being we are wanting to birth into existence that honors our Goddess qualities.

I’m offering up a weekly Goddess Love Letter. I hope you’ll sign up if this resonates with you so that you can┬ádevelop a Goddess mindset and learn to discard beliefs that no longer support you. In each Love Letter, there will be an article, link or post to help you learn how to transform from living in Goddess Alienation into a life rooted in the strength of the Feminine. You’ll be alerted of new offers I have created especially for you so you can take action when and how you are ready. Learn from a caring and nurturing Goddess who has made the journey. Your contact information is kept secure. It is very important to me that you know this is a safe place to learn deeply.