About Grow Your Goddess

There’s a huge shift happening in the world, in case you haven’t sensed it. The status quo is crumbling (too damn slowly, if you ask me). The masculine way of doing life has never really worked for us, Goddess. It’s felt like a constant fight for equality because it has been. 

A new world is being born, from the awakening feminine within us all (not just women), and in order to prepare ourselves, it is essential that we begin by creating what we wish to see in the world, within first.

This means doing our best inner work; cleaning up fragmented energies and healing old childhood wounds. 

It means becoming our naturally strong selves. We do this by looking at our beliefs and discarding/replacing those that no longer serve us. 

This blog has been in it’s dream stage for a very, very long time. I can no longer NOT put my gifts out into the world and do what I can to bring my sisters up along the path that is uniquely theirs. Here you’ll find blog posts and other resources to help awaken the goddess energies that have been sleeping within each of us. Until now.

About Me

Hi. I’m Susan Dyson. I’m entering my crone years. I still feel like I’m 30 years old inside. 

How does that happen?

I have been on my healing path for over two decades. I did my best to leave an abusive relationship and start all over. I have battled burn out (or, correct term: moral injury) as a registered nurse, followed by a deep depression that lasted about nine months. Ironic, huh? A new baby me was born, but I did not stop there. It was only the beginning.  

I have started my life over a couple of times in my adult life. I have picked up the remaining pieces and forged together something closer to what I wanted each time.

I learned along the way how to create a life that I love. A life full of joy. A life full of genuine happiness.

I learned along the way how disconnected I had been from the Oneness. I learned that nothing lasting comes without that connection. I learned that I could not create the life I wanted, one of joy and happiness, while I was struggling for survival. I simply had to heal my gaping wounds, once and for all, and grow the life I desired from the inside out, creating a vision for my life, holding the feeling of that desired life, a couple of times a day.

I am still practicing. No, I don’t have all that I desire. Not yet. That is not the point.

The point is to create. To use our natural creative powers to create what we want; how we choose to feel. Today and every day. 

It’s hard work some days, but there is no other option. The peace I choose to experience in the world MUST begin with me. Within. With feeling.

It’s not easy to unlearn those entrenched habits that unconsciously created the life we are wanting to change; but it IS possible. And it’s better with support.

I want for you what I’ve wanted for myself for a long time. To live in alignment with my natural Goddess-given qualities. You know the ones – where we love without condition. Where we listen and take into consideration other people’s points of view. Where we take care of each other.

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