Caramel Cream

Background image thanks to Karen Culp

I had a lot of questions this session. After the first response, I admit, I felt a little panicked, as if this connection was something I just made up and it wasn’t real and wasn’t going to last. I am pleased to say, I have since been proven the opposite.

Q: What does my Beloved Soul want me to know?

Caramel cream. The Sweetness of Life.

(Baffled me, honestly, but okay, let’s go with it. Who knows what will come…)

Q: What should my business be about?

Write. Be a place of depth. Cut through the noise.

Q: Why am I having a hard time connecting today?

There is no reason and there is no difficulty. We are communicating all the time. I will never leave you. There is much noise on the internet. You will create a calm oasis of sanity. Don’t worry about how you will make money. Leave that up to us.

Q: What do I need to do for my physical body?

Yoga. Move all of that energy stored in your cells out into the world.

And then: Whenever we give you a download, just write about it. Add your own thoughts. For the highest and best for all.

And so it begins…

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