Everything Is Working Out To My Advantage

This morning I did a guided meditation by Brian Scott that was sort of like a subliminal messaging session, designed to change my subconscious pattern. It consisted of five phrases, repeated over and over, with gentle music playing in the background. It was somewhat meditative, I totally relaxed and allowed it in.

The five phrases are:

Everything is working to my advantage

Something wonderful is happening for me now

My world is taking care of me

Everything is going according to plan

Things are working out perfectly and will continue to do so with ease.

The theory, and it’s a good one, is that when you have the above beliefs anchored in your mind, your reactions to the external stimuli (which you cannot control), become less RE-active. It’s our reactions to the stimuli that bring about further unwanted experiences. I know this from my own experiences.

I often wonder, if I knew then, what I know now, how much more ease I would have had in my life. I get it. No point in wishing things were different, and that all the things that happened made me who I am — but I didn’t know at the time, did not hold the belief at the time (did not even know I had a choice in my beliefs) that everything that ever happened TO me, happened FOR me.

I became stronger and more of who I am BECAUSE I went through the hardships I have. I would not have gone to university if my marriage hadn’t fallen apart. Well, maybe I would have, but it was certainly a catalyst for change. Learning to stand up for myself within an emotionally abusive relationship was a catalyst for change. I don’t think I would have or could have made the changes I needed to make in my life without such harsh lessons. I needed the wake up call(s). And there have been many. After awhile, you begin to notice a pattern and sometimes, if I’m lucky, I catch myself before it gets too out of hand.

But when I remember that everything is working out for me, that my world is taking care of me, that something wonderful is in the works, I know there is no need or room for fear. Something can happen, and I can remain focused, that everything is working out.

Seems a little Pollyanna, I know, but the alternative is a living hell. Haven’t you been there? Maybe you’re there right now. Maybe you find yourself being reactive to every little crisis in your life. And it can seem like little crisis after little crisis, until you break. But here’s the thing: the little crisis is likely magnetized, by you, through a reactive state you ignited. A thing happens, you make up your mind about what it means, likely fear or powerlessness or hopelessness, and you react.

When you change your beliefs from “my life is shit” to “everything is working to my advantage”, there is a significant vibratory difference. Right? Just sit with them both for a moment. Which feels better? Which do you want operating on your behalf? Because both will pull in more of the same vibration. Your choice.

I love this meditation. I find it a great way to start my day. Let me know in the comments if you tried it, intend to try it or think I’m nuts.  Ha Ha!


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