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My lovely friend Maggie (Soulsong Intuitive Arts) sat beside me as I learned to channel a few weeks ago. I had always wanted to learn, but I guess I never really believed before that I could. In truth, I know now, it was because I was blocking myself with that belief. First step is believing it is actually possible. So here’s what happened…

I started with the opening on my journal page, “What does my Soul want me to hear today?” Then I sat and waited.

Actually, back up a sec…While I was writing that sentence in my journal, an image came to mind of my Soul Aiyeesha, surrounded by a bunch of other guides, all eager and excited, saying things like, “She’s doing it! We’re going to get to talk to her now! Yay!” It was quite funny, really…

As instructed, I wrote what came to mind.

Soft lavender velvet.

What?! Is that it? Patience required…

There is a line up of Guides waiting for this opportunity. We are so glad you have decided to connect with us. It really is this easy.

You are safe and there is nothing to be fearful of.

It is this easy. You have not been accustomed to ease, which is why you have not been receptive or able to receive. You have been used to hard. Life does not have to be hard anymore. And I know you feel like crying about that. I want you to consider that the tears may be fear tears. Fear of letting go of the struggle. Fear of knowing who you are if there is no struggle anymore, as though the you you thought you were will be no more and, I guess, that is what is happening.

You are making space for the real you.

Aiyeesha et al.

And so, March 2019 is the time in my life that I started channeling. Soul journaling. Writing again on my blog. Sharing. Connecting with my Soul and other Guides, I know I will never, ever, EVER be without content. This is the adventure I’ve been wanting in my life and I truly feel I’ve come alive to something worth exploring. It is so fun and unexpected and fresh.

p.s. The soft lavender velvet was so that I would recognize Aiyeesha. As I learned in Elisa Romeo’s book Meet Your Soul, the image I had of Aiyeesha was that she was wearing a velvet, lavender dress. So that was for me <3 .

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