How Shifting Your Perspective Shifts Your Life

Photo by Adheesha Paranagama on Unsplash

Q: What does my Soul want me to hear today?

A: It is suggested you see things differently. Instead of naming a sensation impatience, consider eagerness. It is a much more loving of self. Instead of naming the sensation “dread”, make a shift to “excitement”. How you view yourself is everything. The names you places on feelings have vibrations.

Focus on your vision board. You are a different mind now than before. You are open to understanding how a vision board really works. You know it is okay – in fact, desirable – for you to allow yourself to feel excited about the house you see there. There is a renewed confidence in your abilities to manifest the feeling state the images invoke in you. You know now, it is for the shift in vibration. It does not matter so much if the house shows up in your physical reality – although it will, in some form. The joy you receive in the moment that you visualize IS the having of the house. That’s right…

Sitting in your lounge chair while the boys are playing in and around the pool, there is SO much joy, and gathering together later for a beautiful meal outside, lasting well into the night, twinkle-lights and music and laughter. You KNOW how to have a good time and it starts right there, in your mind’s eye.

How does it feel?

Take yourself there very often. What are you wearing? How does it feel?

Who is with you? How does that feel?

Hear the laughter of the boys. How does THAT feel?

The sun on your body. The light of the sun. The sparkle of the water coming off the pool. How does it all feel?

We promise you, go to San Diego in your mind frequently. The visioning you do really will pull you forward, right into it. Worry less about the present moment. It will only bring more of the same.

Start your days investing in your vision. Because this is how it works. This is how you create a life you love.

To clarify, the reference to going to San Diego in my mind frequently is credited to the MANY transmissions I’ve listened to from Abraham-Hicks. The Hicks’ say, when they’re going from Yuma to San Diego, it does no good to stop on the way and ask why they aren’t in San Diego yet, and maybe they should go back. Basically, one needs to keep focusing in the direction of their dream or goal or vision.

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