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Welcome! Whether this is your first visit or a repeat visit, let me start by saying thank you for visiting.

Grow Your Goddess is for you if you have begun to open up your interior world, are beginning to wake up to a new reality, and are curious to how this will all unfold. While everyone’s journey is definitely unique, I am here to help guide you through the process. There is no need for us to suffer.

Maybe your “normal” is crumbling, or has crumbled. Maybe your very foundation has been shaken and is falling apart all around you. Maybe literally; maybe figuratively. Know that these structures, which you may have relied upon for years, maybe your whole life, are crumbling because you no longer need them.

Sometimes tragedies happen so we will wake up. I’m sorry, I truly am. I wish there was an easier way, but most of the time humanity needs a very big shake up to make change. We get very, very comfortable with our lives as they are, no matter now dysfunctional or toxic it can be.

It’s a natural evolution of humanity, though. Those structures, once relied upon, and seemingly VERY real, come tumbling down when they are no longer required for your growth. Rest assured, because I’ve been there (more than once!) I know that you will survive. You WILL find a new, mmm, normal, of sorts. It may not feel like everything is going to be okay, but I promise…everything IS going to be okay.

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