The Lightworker Tarot Spread

I was searching for a kind of “set your week up using tarot” spread but, instead, I found this one, which turns out to be perfect for me for now.

I’ve been feeling a lot of creative urges lately. Probably because it’s been awhile since I did anything remotely creative, other than trying my hand at #sashiko (see my pants here 🙂 )

I’ve received messages about creating book(lets) and journals and messages and things to write. It’s been relentless. Spirit. Spirit has been relentless. My Soul Aiyeesha. SHE has been relentless. It doesn’t matter what you call it. I call it Aiyeesha for convenience. I like personifying Soul. Helps me relate better. And maybe not forget to check in with her from time to time (except this week I have totally not gotten around to it, but guess what? She’s still there. She’s always there and always will be.)

So I know there’s this calling that is happening to me. And it is not just coincidence the calling is becoming louder now that I’ve landed this new job which, I maintained from the beginning, was a gentler day job. It will enable me to work in the same community in which I live. There will be more time for my internal pursuits and my creative expression. It is a perfect compromise between desiring the financial security I have become accustomed to, and taking the leap to full-fledged productive creative monster (the good kinda monster).

I follow a group on Facebook, Cathy Heller’s Don’t Keep Your Day Job. It’s been super-fantastic in encouraging us to pursue our dreams. My new job is not my dream. It’s still a job. It’s still working for the government. For me, it is not feasible or prudent to JUST quite my day job and go for it. Taking this more gentle job is a way for me to honour myself. It is an act of self love right now to keep a steady paycheque coming in, to not risk becoming homeless again. Yeah. Again. I’ll write about that eventually. I’ve recovered from decisions made unconsciously. Big decisions like career, for me, need to be made deliberately, consciously, carefully. There is still a sense of trepidation as I move from one job to the next. There IS change happening. There ARE unknowns. But the risk is not great. There is no fear, really, just, well, excitement, I guess. I’ve really needed a break from the job I’m finishing up. For a long time. That time has finally come.

So I found this spread on Emerald Lotus – Lightworker: Understanding Your Gifts.

I’ve been consumed lately with changes in my career. Yes, I landed a new job and I could not be happier….scratch that. I COULD be happier. I allow even MORE happiness into my life. I invite it in, ever-flowing, ever-expanded. But you know what I mean.

I am like any one of us…struggling at times to keep the balance between living just focused on the external world and remembering there is an internal world within, which, ironically, is everything to the external. I haven’t meditated in-depth for quite awhile. I’ve not journalled, or done any of the things that bring me comfort. Sometimes I get caught up in life. I got back to it today, and it feels so good. Hello, Soul…

  1. Card to represent my energy as a lightworker. This is about releasing worry about external things, such as health, finances, creativity, work, relationships. This is an opportunity to RELEASE this worry, by collapsing the worry of the past and future by being present.

2. Why I have incarnated on Earth at this time. This card is about the universal principle of abundance, prosperity and expansion. Awakening to the possibilities that can turn our lives in more positive and expansive directions.

3. How I can use my energy to be of service. Universal principle of change and causation. Be open to new creative opportunities, explore avenues of my creativity that have been dormant, and dynamically express my creativity without reservation.

The affirmations accompanying this card in Angeles Arrien’s The Tarot Handbook will be useful for me moving forward:

I stimulate and motivate others positively.
I am responsible for what I cause.
I accomplish things effortlessly and well.
I enjoy the combination of quietude and activity.

4. How I can come into deeper self awareness. An opportunity to move through old fears of failure – whether it is about something external failing, succeeding or handling the success. Hmmm…

5. How I can honour my gifts. That aspect of the mind that has newly mastered creative-intuitive thinking. The inspired mind that does not want to be restricted, limited or restrained. Mastery of Creative and Intuitive Thinking

I’m working on an online course (just decided that right this red hot minute 😉 ) on how I use oracle cards for everyday guidance. Stay tuned for that (or better yet, sign up for the Goddess Love Letter and be among the first to know).

I love using my cards to help me focus on what I want in life. I look up each card (because I’m just not that skilled that I have all the meanings memorized and/or not so tapped into intuitively knowing their meaning) in a good handbook. I read what it says/suggests and sometimes just skim until I have a feel for what is trying to be relayed to me. It’s a very personal process and a very personal meaning.

After this spread, reflecting on the cards, writing this blog, I’m feeling much more focused on next steps. I’m wrapping up old investigations with my old job. The new job is around the corner. AND there is so much more I want to channel/create/share with the world. As big as this new job and the ensuing changes is, it’s really just the beginning…


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